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About us

Polo Strategico Nazionale was created with one goal in mind: providing Administrations with a secure, advanced, and sustainable cloud system. 

We believe that digital infrastructures are fundamental to the management of critical and strategic data in Public Administrations. Innovation in public services is essential to enabling Italy to grow, compete, and generate new opportunities for development.

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An ambitious vision

We want to facilitate Italian innovation and digital transformation through the secure management of Public Administration data and services.


A tangible mission

We want to create a technologically innovative cloud infrastructure that ensures security as well as economic and environmental sustainability in managing data and applications of Italian Administrations.


Our Governance

Sustainability, security, and integrity are the principles that inspire Polo Strategico Nazionale’s commitments in terms of its corporate policies and governance systems. We succeed in supporting Public Administrations in their digital transformation processes thanks to our reliable internal organisation.

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Sustainability and efficiency

We want technology to simplify bureaucracy, enhance Administrations, and improve their ability to offer innovative, secure, and efficient services. However, we are also aware of the importance of optimising resources. Therefore, we actively engage in sustainability efforts by maintaining the highest infrastructure standards. These include upholding a Tier IV and ANSI/TIA 942 Rating 4 and international certifications, such as ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and LEED Gold.

Our commitment

The security and protection of PA data

Security is at the heart of our goals. We want to lead Public Administrations in the process of digitally transitioning towards cloud technology in order to sustainably protect their data

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