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Cloud Services with Cloud Service Providers

Polo Strategico Nazionale will allow Public Administrations to access services with Cloud Service Providers. It does this in a way that meets a PA needs, offers hybrid and public modes, and maintains full security, autonomy, and sovereignty. 

This represents a real revolution in terms of guiding PAs through their digital transformation and towards secure, controlled, data management. The range of options will be broad, modular, and match an individual Administration’s data, service classifications, and needs. 

These services, currently created in partnership with Oracle, Google, Microsoft Azure, may also be provided with other Cloud Service Providers in the future.


The Public Cloud managed by the Hub 

The Public Cloud PSN Managed services are provided by Cloud Service Providers (Oracle and Google) on PSN Data Centers or Italian regions and are managed by personnel of Polo Strategico Nazionale with logical-physical separation from the public part of the CSP.

Public Cloud services are structured to provide Administrations with maximum support. By joining, you will benefit from:

  • Separation of components, particularly between dedicated and public cloud areas
  • Comprehensive management (including from hardware to software platforms) by highly qualified Hub personnel
  • Inclusion of all phases of management, from software release to hardware management, replacement, and disk destruction during replacement
  • Root Key (the public key + private key pair associated with a device) control by region
  • Provision of services in a completely unconnected way
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The Hybrid Cloud on the Hub’s site

Hybrid Cloud services on the Hub’s site are provided by a Cloud Service Provider (Microsoft Azure). This is done through DCs and Polo Strategico Nazionale ‘s proprietary infrastructure and involves a combination of public (always on Italian region) and private clouds.

In short, the combined and flexible use of cloud resources benefits the Administrations using it and who may need to inter-operatively distribute loads and data across different environments. Through the Hybrid Cloud, a PA also has the flexibility to use the cloud model best suited to its relative cost requirements.

Hybrid Cloud on PSN site provides the following services:

  • Centralised and integrated management and data within a physical perimeter managed by Polo Strategico Nazionale (including backup and DR)
  • The provision of IaaS & PaaS services equal to those on the Azure Public Cloud (Kubernetes, SQL Data Services, Azure VM, etc.)
  • Innovative use of the cloud with extended capabilities linked to on-premises systems
  • A single control plane with Azure Arc
  • A range of on-premises Hub security services (SOC and CERT), and integration with the Hub’s on-premise Key management solutions
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A Secure Public Cloud 

Secure Public Cloud services are provided by public Cloud Service Providers in Italy (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud). They are secured by using Polo Strategico Nazionale’s encryption keys managed securely by PSN systems.

Secure Public Clouds provide Administrations with maximum security in terms of data control. This consist of: 

  • Encryption-key management outside the CSP’s control perimeter
  • Guaranteed security provided by policy/design that creates a standard, segregated, and self-consistent environment for each client
  • Confidential computing, where activated, makes it impossible for cloud service provider operators to access even the data during processing
  • The Hub & Spoke solution ensures that all network traffic can be controlled and monitored
  • Sovereignty over stored data via backup management also on the Hub’s private cloud
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