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This section is dedicated to answering FAQs (frequently asked questions) about Polo Strategico Nazionale. Review the information here and contact us if you have any further questions.


About us

What is Polo Strategico Nazionale?
What are Polo Strategico Nazionale’s objectives?
What are the guiding principles of Polo Strategico Nazionale? 
What are the project phases? 
How is Polo Strategico Nazionale meeting NRRP requirements? 

How to join?

Who can join Polo Strategico Nazionale?
How does one join the Agreement?
Where can I find the Needs Plan?
What e-mail address should I send the documentation to?
What does the PA need to do? 
What is expected from Polo Strategico Nazionale?
How to access the Convention Portal?
How do I access the Supply Portal?

A cloud for PAs

What is the “Italian Cloud Strategy”? 
What does the “Cloud First” principle mean? 
How is PA data classified? 
What is Cloud Computing?
What kind of Cloud Services can a PA choose?
Why migrate to a cloud?
Can migration be partially financed?
Is cloud training for Administrations also planned?


What solutions do we offer Administrations?
What is meant by a Housing Service? 
What is a Hosting Service? 
What are Private Cloud Services?
What is meant by Cloud Services with Cloud Service Providers? 
What are the Professional Services offered?
What are migration services?
What is a Re-Host?
What is a Re-Platform?
What does Re-Architect mean?
What are the stages of the migration process?
What does the Cloud Storage service consist of?
What Data Protection services do we use?
What is the Secure Public Cloud?
What is Multicloud?
What does Hybrid Cloud on PSN site mean?
What is meant by Business & Culture Enablement?
What is meant by Public Cloud PSN Managed?
What are Professional Services and Security Compliance?
What are IT Infrastructure – Service Operations?
What are IaaS services?
What does the CaaS service consist of?
What does the PaaS service consist of?

Data Center

What are Polo Strategico Nazionale Data Center like?
Where are the Data Center located?
What makes the Data Centers efficient? 
Do Polo Strategico Nazionale Data Centers meet sustainability criteria?
How do the Data Centers comply with environmental sustainability criteria?
Is Polo Strategico Nazionale Infrastructure Carbon Neutral?


How is data protected at the physical level?
How is information safeguarded cybernetically?
What is a SOC?
What does CERT mean?
How is encryption used?
What are shared responsibility matrices for security?
How does the Shared by default approach work?
What is the Shared Security Responsibility Model?