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The advantages of joining Polo Strategico Nazionale

Collaboration between Polo Strategico Nazionale and Public Administration involves a long-term commitment. After conducting an analysis of currently available technological and organisational solutions on the market, the Hub has identified the best ways for securely rationalising PA infrastructures. 

 Polo Strategico Nazionale will accompany Administrations along their entire journey towards a secure and sustainable digital future. This process will be gradual and can bring numerous advantages to those who decide to join in.


Our strengths

The cornerstone of Polo Strategico Nazionale will be its infrastructure, which is aligned with global best practices:

  • Data Centers in two Italian regions guarantee maximum reliability and are designed to ensure energy savings
  • Active-active logic allows real-time back up and storage of data copies with maximum security
  • Facilities will be Tier IV, the highest international standard and one that guarantees a high level of project sustainability 
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Security and quality services

Polo Strategico Nazionale allows Public Administration to undertake secure and controlled management of their data autonomy. Their encrypted data resides in national Data Centers and is directly manipulated by a central unit. The National Centers involved are divided into two regions and guarantee maximum service and application reliability.


Technological Innovation

Administrations will have access to the best technological solutions in terms of Data Center infrastructure, connectivity, platforms, and cloud services. A team of experts capable of translating their know-how into achieving desired results will also offer Administrations comprehensive assistance.


Simplified processes

Migrating to Polo Strategico Nazionale frees up entities from the administrative processes involved in running a proprietary Data Centers, thus reducing costs. No tenders will be necessary as all activity follows the Agreement already established with the Department for Digital Transformation.


Efficiency and sustainability

Managing data and services in four (4) national Data Centers has a positive impact on public spending and energy savings. Important certifications, such as ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and LEED Gold, attest to the Hub’s sustainability and our commitment to lowering environmental impacts.


Resource financing 

Migration may be financed by accessing Next Generation EU funds. This will also lead to cost savings in data management by private Data Centers and a streamlining of bureaucratic processes in Public Administrations.