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Mission Cloud: protection for digital Italy

Innovation in Public Sector is essential for enabling growth and generating new opportunities for development.

Polo Strategico Nazionale is committed to providing Public Administration entities with secure, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to support them in adopting expert Cloud Computing solutions that protect strategic assets.


The advantages of joining Polo Strategico Nazionale

Polo Strategico Nazionale deploys state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology with the aim of enabling digital service innovation in Public Administration. There are many advantages to joining the Hub:

  • technological autonomy and access to quality services
  • access to innovations and technologies that serve Administrations
  • streamlined flow management
  • ensured efficiency and sustainability provided by four (4) territorial Data Centers
  • financing possibilities and optimisation of resources for all members
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What we target: new solutions for Public Administration

Polo Strategico Nazionale is ready to guide the following types of Italian Administrations towards secure and sovereign data management:

  • Central Public Administrations
  • Local Public Administrations
  • Health Authorities

Access to funding under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan makes the digital transition both sustainable and fundable. Administrations will be comprehensively supported in decommissioning their current Data Centers and replacing them with more secure and environmentally-friendly management systems.

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How to join Polo Strategico Nazionale

Any Administration interested in getting support must adhere to the Agreement signed with the Department for Digital Transformation (Dipartimento per la trasformazione digitale/DTD) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. This Agreement stipulates the process and ways of drawing up and executing the User Contracts needed to obtain Polo Strategico Nazionale services.

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