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Industry Standard – PaaS Services for Public Administration

PSN’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions provide Public Administrations with cloud-based platforms to develop and deliver applications. 

To meet Administrations’ technical needs, Polo Strategico Nazionale has implemented four types of PaaS services, which are based on PSN infrastructure so that applications can be managed both on-premise and directly in the cloud. 

The four PaaS services are as follows:

  • PaaS DB
  • PaaS IAM
  • PaaS Big Data
  • PaaS AI

PaaS DB: storage, security, and confidentiality

The PaaS DB service provides Administrations with storage that stores and manages data in a virtualised environment. Administrations are freed from the need for facility management: the cloud environment is managed by Polo Strategico Nazionale, which guarantees security and reliability. 

The databases use SQL and non-SQL database technologies to query data. The Public Administration can choose the structure best suited to its needs from the various options.


PaaS IAM: cloud-based digital identities

The PaaS Spid IAM (Enabling and Profiling) service allows Administrations to manage user identification for the migration of data and applications to the cloud. It is based on multi-factor authentication including passwords, OTP Tokens, Smart Cards and many other solutions, providing maximum security from any device. 

The authentication service also makes it possible to organise and manage digital identities, so that only authorised users have access to assigned systems and resources. 

PaaS IAM is also compatible with popular federated authentication systems such as SPID, eIDAS and CNS.


PaaS Big Data: archiving and processing

With the PaaS Big Data service, developers and data scientists can collect, process and analyse large volumes of data in data lakes. This service can perform advanced analysis and pipeline creation. The Search and Discovery function enables connectors to extract metadata from any source, accelerating ETL (extract, transform, and load) processes.  

This distributed processing extracts meaningful information that improves Administrations’ decision-making processes. The service is compatible with various external resources such as YARN and Kubernetes and can be used with a wide range of programming languages. 


PaaS AI: artificial intelligence and cloud

The PaaS AI service provides developers with a set of pre-trained artificial intelligence algorithms (based on open source) that can be used in different application contexts (e.g. semantic textual similarity search, audio analysis and video analysis). With this service, administrations will be able to integrate artificial intelligence tools into public systems.