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Re-Architect, cloud-native migration

With Re-Architect, the Public Administration can truly harness 100% of the effectiveness of the cloud infrastructure. This solution transforms applications according to the cloud-native paradigm. Administrations’ software therefore becomes part of the cloud ecosystem, resulting in improved: 

  • Security levels
  • Performance
  • Scalability

This transformation of source code takes time and resources; this type of cloud migration exponentially increases the effectiveness of Public Administration services. 


The advantages of the Re-Architect service

Here are some of the features of this migration to the cloud: 

  • Security: Re-Architect evolves applications according to Secure by Design approaches. 
  • Optimisation of application architecture: PA software takes full advantage of the scalability, observability and resource provisioning of the cloud environment.
  • Automated checks: Re-Architect involves consolidated testing to test the system’s functionality, quality and security. 
  • Updating: the service transforms the code in a controlled manner that is always in line with the latest best practices.
  • Modernisation: applications are developed with a view to reuse and are open to potential implementation. 

In which cases should you opt for Re-Architect migration?

We recommend choosing the Re-Architect migration service in the following cases: 


Scalability and redundancy

Re-Architect provides applications with dynamic scalability that allows them to handle even sudden load peaks anytime, anywhere. 

The application source code is rewritten in order to fully exploit services such as auto-scaling, load balancers and geographical distribution. 


Modernisation of architecture

Legacy applications with monolithic architecture can be upgraded with Re-Architect. For example, the service can evolve towards a microservice architecture, dividing the application into modular components, making them scalable and integrable for the implementation of new functions. 

Re-Architect is advanced migration that provides administrations with the highest standards on the market.