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Re-Host, the fast and easy migration service

With Re-Host migration, the Public Administration can quickly migrate data and applications to the cloud. 

The service, also known as Lift & Shift, transfers software and information from on-prem infrastructure to the cloud environment without changing or rewriting applications. This allows the Public Administration to benefit from all the efficiency of the cloud within a short time frame. 


The advantages of the Re-Host service

Administrations that need to reduce time and costs find Re-Host to be the ideal solution. This migration’s characteristics are as follows:

  • Speed: applications are not transformed but moved to the new cloud environment. This significantly reduces migration time.  
  • Simplicity: since there are no application changes, the process is streamlined and fast. 
  • Efficiency: Re-Host allows the Public Administration to benefit from the cloud’s basic features such as horizontal scalability, reliability and simplified resource management.  
  • Cost reduction: with consumption-based payment models, Administrations only pay for the resources they actually use. Moreover, since there is no requirement to manage the infrastructure, costs are further reduced. 
  • Replicability: Re-Host is automated migration with established frameworks, tools and methodologies for each type of migration and target.

In which cases should you opt for Re-Host migration?

The Re-Host migration service may be the right choice for Administrations in the following cases.  


Migrating web applications

When the application is on an on-premise server, Re-Host enables its migration including configuration files, databases and system resources. The application is transferred to the cloud infrastructure without significant changes to the source code.


Transferring an ERP system

Re-Host facilitates the migration of locally installed ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. The entire structure is logically migrated (the servers, databases and system integrations) to the new cloud environment and, in this case too, no substantial changes are made to the source code.


Migrating a legacy application

Administrations with legacy applications, which are no longer supported by their servers, can transfer them to Polo Strategico Nazionale cloud with Re-Host. In this case, the code is not changed.


Migrating a development and test application

Re-Host also permits the creation of a development and test environment. Administrations that wish to recreate this environment, including in the cloud infrastructure, can do so without difficulty. Migration ensures a scalable environment without changes to the application architecture.



Consolidating a Data Centre

Thanks to the Lift & Shift approach, this solution makes it possible to organise applications hosted in different cloud environments in a single Data Centre. This strategic choice simplifies application management and lowers the operational costs of managing multiple infrastructures.