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Hybrid Cloud on PSN Site

The Hybrid Cloud on Polo Strategico Nazionale Site service enables public administrations to combine the private and hybrid services of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider. 

Microsoft Azure services are hosted within the Polo Strategico Nazionale Data Centres and, thanks to this state-of-the-art ecosystem, delivers IaaS and PaaS Azure services. 

These infrastructures, registered in customer subscriptions, become the target deployments that can be used with the Microsoft Azure control plane, which includes the Portal, PowerShell line interface, Command Line Interface (CLI), Rest API and many other functions that guarantee the PA fast and efficient service delivery. 


Advantages of Hybrid Cloud on Polo Strategico Nazionale Site

With Hybrid Cloud on PSN Site, the Public Administration can benefit from a combination of PSN’s public cloud and Microsoft Azure’s private cloud. Both solutions are fully managed by Polo Strategico Nazionale and all applications and data are stored on Italian regions. 

Here are the technical characteristics of Hybrid cloud on PSN Site: 

  • Infrastructures implemented on the SDDC paradigm certified for Microsoft Azure. The implementations provide the PA with virtualisation, storage and networking services.
  • Infrastructure dedicated to each Public Administration with the possibility of varying between 3 and 16 computer nodes. All devices are based on validated servers to optimise performance and capacity. 
  • Availability of PaaS Cloud Native services including: Container orchestration – Kubernetes; DB-as-a-service – SQL & PostgreSQL, Web App Services – FaaS, Logic App – Machine learning & AI Service; 
  • Self-managed service lifecycle management. Administrations can control applications through the Azure portal. 
  • Set of security and monitoring policies. These functions will be applied to all applications of the administrations that subscribe to the service.