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Hosting service: features and advantages

Hosting provides the Public Administration with dedicated infrastructure to host government applications with maximum security. 

This solution meets high technical standards and the specific requirements of different codes and software. The infrastructure ensures that the application works in the most suitable context to fully exploit the efficiency of the cloud ecosystem.


Services included in Hosting

Hosting includes services that guarantee high production standards for Administrations:

  • System Management, the second- and third-level service is active 24 hours a day. It can be contacted for questions on Hosting infrastructure computers, storage and networks. System Management also deals with operating systems, both free and licensed.   
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC), i.e. security management of the physical infrastructure and networking.

Additional Hosting services

To accommodate all Public Administrations  requests, the following extra features can be activated:

  • Public IPs, with a choice of single or multiple. 
  • Object storage, NAS, Block storage and Storage encryption 
  • Windows/Linux Red Hat operating systems 
  • IT services such as Service Operations/Security and on-top services for infrastructure management 
  • Data Protection, backup, golden copy, BC/DR 
  • Antivirus 
  • Dedicated additional bandwidth 
  • Encryption feature with external KMS (BYOL or HYOL)

Polo Strategico Nazionale Hosting service provides Administrations with the appropriate infrastructure resources to provide citizens with fast, functional and streamlined services.