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Housing service: features and advantages

Housing provides Administrations with exclusive technical areas that are already equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Areas located within Polo Strategico Nazionale Data Centres

With this solution, the Public Administration does not even have to deal with logistics: PSN team manages area access, networking and perimeter security. 


Services included in Housing

Housing includes many services that guarantee high production standards for Public Administrations . These are as follows:

  • Dedicated customer rack (1.75 sq m) 
  • Certified and guaranteed standard electrical power (3.5KW/rack) 
  • Cabling for the interconnection of high-performance systems 
  • Shared Internet access 
  • Proximity management (DC/Infrastructure) 
  • Access to the Data Centre for the end customer with the option of accompanying them in their premises  
  • 24-hour physical and logical perimeter security (DC, network, FW, DDOS) 
  • Service Management, a specialised team provides customers with constant and proactive support  
  • Customer Operation Support, the customer is guaranteed first-class support, 24 hours a day, through the service desk and self-tickets. If customers prefer, they can call the toll-free number.

Additional Housing services

To accommodate all Public Administrations  requests, the following extra features can be activated:

  • Public IPs, with a choice of single or multiple 
  • IT services such as Service Operations/Security and on-top services for infrastructure management.
  • Data Protection such as backup, golden copy, BC/DR 
  • Additional racks 
  • Additional electrical power (+1 kW) 
  • Dedicated additional bandwidth 
  • Extension to other PSN services (Hosting, Private cloud, CSP, …) 
  • Moving servers

Polo Strategico Nazionale Housing service provides Administrations with the appropriate space to start digitising public data and systems.