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Data Protection for Public Administration

The Data Protection service provides Public Administration with secure cloud solutions for data storage. The Backup service enables both backups and restores in self-managed mode. Everything is done through a console integrated with both Private Cloud services and Polo Strategico Nazionale Cloud Service Provider

The Data Protection service is divided into 3 streams: 

  • Backup: in addition to the copy on the primary site’s operating zone, a second copy of the data is made in a second zone of the same Region;
  • Golden Copy: provides for a second copy of the data in a different Region, ensuring that backups are kept in an unalterable format;
  • Disaster Recovery: enables the restoration of PA infrastructure following a disaster event.

Backup: autonomy and saving

With Backup, the Public Administration can store historical data both at Polo Strategico Nazionale Data Centres and on Public Clouds (Hybrid, Secure and Managed). The service provides Administrations with total autonomy with regard to saving and restoring information until a specified date. 

Polo Strategico Nazionale Backup involves making a copy in the primary Data Centre and another copy (remote vault) on a second area of the primary Region.


Golden Copy: analysis and inalterability

Public Administrations can benefit from an additional data storage guarantee: the Golden Copy. This service analyses the Backup to intercept silent malware that could compromise a potential restore. 

This process, combined with security and access procedures, ensures that data are stored in the WORM (Write Once, Read Many) format, which is indelible and unalterable. Golden Copy also involves creating a copy of the data in a different Region from the storage of the first one. 


Disaster Recovery: analysis and inalterability

Disaster Recovery enables Administrations to restore their IT structure after natural disaster events, human error, infrastructure failures or cyber attacks. The process is made possible by aligning PA applications in a Region other than the primary location. 

The service is self-managed. The Public Administration can independently take advantage of the Disaster Recovery architecture already defined by Polo Strategico Nazionale.