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Industry Standard – IaaS Dedicated

The ‘IaaS Dedicated’ Industry Standard service is a cloud service in which the customer’s computing resources are physically segregated, allowing Administrations to use a private cloud space. Polo Strategico Nazionale manages the virtualisation structure and platforms and gives the Public Administration all the tools it needs to independently manage dedicated environments.  


The services included in IaaS Dedicated

IaaS Dedicated includes all the services already included in Hosting, plus:

  • Second- and third-level system management. A 24-hour service to manage the virtualisation layer (Compute, Storage and Network;
  • Security Operation Center (SOC) to monitor the security of the virtualisation infrastructure;
  • Management Console enabling specific operational functions for each profile.

The additional services of IaaS Dedicated

With IaaS Dedicated, the Administration has a reserved space that it can make even more versatile with these extra services:

  • Public IPs, both single and multiple
  • Object storage, NAS, Block storage, standard or high-performance option, encryption option 
  • Operating systems such as Windows and Linux Red Hat 
  • IT services, Service Operations and on-top Security Services for infrastructure management
  • Data Protection (backup, golden copy, DR) 
  • HA option (business continuity) 
  • Antivirus 
  • Dedicated additional bandwidth
  • Encryption feature with external KMS (BYOL or HYOL)