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Business & Culture Enablement

Polo Strategico Nazionale offers Public Administration services that support digital staff training and business innovation. 

Business & Culture Enablement offers 3 solutions: 

  • Change Management
  • Training Model
  • Specialised Support

Let us take a look at the key points of cloud training.


1. Change Management

Polo Strategico Nazionale team provides Administrations’ staff with the knowledge they need to use the digital platforms. With this consultancy service, a team of experts from Polo Strategico Nazionale works together with administrative staff to structure: 

  • New organisational models
  • New expertise 
  • Tools facilitating shared work
  • Employee Experience
  • Innovation models

Change Management simplifies and optimises the digital transformation of the Public Administration. 

2. Training Model

Administrations that want to stay up-to-date with digital news and make the most of cloud infrastructure can participate in Polo Strategico Nazionale training courses. Training takes place online on a platform specifically created to facilitate use of the content. Courses can be basic or customised to the needs of the individual administration. 


3. Specialised support

Specialised support is not simply consultancy, but customised assistance that Polo Strategico Nazionale offers to the Public Administration after assessing its real needs. To accelerate the technological transformation, Specialised Support is divided into 4 areas: 

  • Organisation, processes and tools 
  • Governance, programmes and projects 
  • Digital & Cloud Strategy
  • E-Learning support