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IT Infrastructure – Service Operations

Polo Strategico Nazionale offers IT Infrastructure services to Administrations that require them, with advanced-level management of specific contracted infrastructure.

For example, these services can support the Public Administration in any management of middleware and/or application components that have been re-platformed or re-architected.

Polo Strategico Nazionale can also take charge (subject to evaluation) of activities such as: 

  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Capacity management
  • Operation management
  • Compliance management
  • Vulnerability & remediation 

For these IT Infrastructure services, teams consisting of a mix of professionals are created to meet the specific needs of each PA. 


Microsoft and Linux operating systems

Polo Strategico Nazionale can support the System Management of Microsoft and Linux operating systems. In this case, a specialised team will handle the ordinary and extraordinary management of the physical and virtual servers. 

Specifically, the following activities will be carried out:

  • Creation and management of users and access to systems 
  • Checks to ensure that the Operating System functions correctly
  • System log management and verification of irregularities 
  • Management of system configuration files 
  • Level 2 problem management
  • System failure restore (from backup data) 
  • Application of patches/fixes