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Whistleblowing: handling reports

Polo Strategico Nazionale encourages anyone who becomes aware of events or conduct that contravene the company’s internal codes and protocols, laws or regulations (including EU regulations), to report them with the utmost confidentiality.

Reports can relate to anyone: contractors, employees, and third parties who have commercial or financial relations of any kind with Polo Strategico Nazionale.

The report may be explicit, in which case the reporter provides personal details, or anonymous, in which case personal details are not specified or identifiable in any way. Every report is assessed by the Supervisory Board and the CAO (Chief Audit Officer) of Polo Strategico Nazionale.


What can be reported 

Polo Strategico Nazionale wants to safeguard its integrity, reputation and responsibility, values that are fundamental to its work. The following is a non-exhaustive list of possible types of reports:

  • acts of corruption carried out directly, through or at the instigation of third parties (e.g. suppliers, consultants, contractors, customers and intermediaries);
  • conflicts of interest and other violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct and of the Anti-Corruption Charter
  • unlawful acts, as set out in the Organisational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 of Polo Strategico Nazionale, by corporate representatives in the interests of or to the advantage of the Company;
  • unlawful and/or fraudulent activities that adversely affect customers or company assets in general;
  • violations relating to worker protection;
  • as well as any violation of national or EU laws or regulations.

How to file a report

To ensure that the reporter’s identity remains confidential, a report can be filed through one of the following channels:

For further information, please consult

  • the Whistleblowing Management Procedure, which defines and describes the process for handling explicit and anonymous whistleblowing, with specific procedures for verification and intervention
  • Privacy policy
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